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This scheduling system includes both WRITING TUTORS and CONVERSATION PARTNERS. 
Please use the “Writing Tutor/Conversation Partner Focus” drop-down menu to filter the schedule according to your needs. 

Any tutor who has “Writing” as part of their Focus can help you with English-language writing projects. For help in Spanish, or to select a specialization (such as APA or personal statements), please select the appropriate filter. 

To schedule an appointment (45-50 mins), choose a time block with 2 white boxes at least 2 hours in advance.  

E-tutoring appointments are asynchronous. Upload one or more Microsoft Word documents to your appointment and you will receive feedback by the end of the scheduled time. 

Zoom appointments meet in real time. To get your Zoom meeting link, navigate to your appointment a few minutes before your appointment time, and scroll down to the text box that reads, "ZOOM ONLINE SESSIONS: For sessions...." 

Mini-Sessions (20-25 minutes) can be booked at the Front Desk Zoom (Meeting ID: 929-916-654), subject to availability. Please book at least 45 minutes in advance. 

Any tutor who has “Conversation Partner” as part of their focus can help you with English-language conversation practice. For help in other languages, please select the appropriate filter. 

To schedule a 45-50 min. appointment, choose a time block with 2 white boxes at least 2 hours in advance. To schedule a 20-25 min. appointment, look for a single white box with an available Conversation Partner. 


You may book up to 4 sessions per week, but no more than 2 sessions per day. If booking more than 1 session per day, please ensure that each session is with a different tutor and for a different service (so, you can book a conversation partners session and a reading support session, but you can't book two reading support sessions in the same day). 

For general information about accessing Student Success Center services, please email us at, or join our "Front Desk" Zoom room at  

For summer 2021, our center is fully online, and our services are offered online-only.

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Receiving unwanted text messages from this system? This system can send appointment reminder and waiting list notifications via text message, but only if a cell phone number and carrier is entered by a client when creating or updating an account on the system.

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